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    Phytonutrients are our best friends! These colorful carrots really pack a punch

Red Wine July 2014 Issue Preview

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    2014 Issue

    Creative Spring Cleaning

    To be truly effective, you must be assignment-oriented instead of need-oriented. Being...

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  • blue
    2014 Issue

    Blue Is the New Black

    Sweet summertime has finally arrived and whether you're off to work or are headed to the beach for...

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The Faces of Divorce

You should never marry unless you have received God’s opinion on that person and whether or not they have been selected by God to be your spouse.

This Woman Means Business

What? I know that may raise some eyebrows, but I'm not the only one saying it. The Bible said it first! A good woman is a business woman. By Michael Vazquez

The Absent Father's Presence

The old adage says “Like father, like son.” Have you been trying to outrun that for your entire life? Is it because your father wasn't there for you when you were a little boy? Did he leave the family when you were young? Did he die? Or was he present in the home but never had time for

The Allure of God's Daughter

Men out there are looking for treasures, rubies and gems –a gem of a wife, a treasure who will be part of a loving relationship.



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  • Stress & The Bedroom

    Let’s be real, stress and the bedroom have very little in common.

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    The real S&M (sex and marriage) is not painful at all...

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