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Red Wine July 2014 Issue Preview

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    2014 Issue

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    2014 Issue

    Blue Is the New Black

    Sweet summertime has finally arrived and whether you're off to work or are headed to the beach for...

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Diane Gilman Jeans

- By Yaritza Luciano

“Across the globe, the language of denim is universally understood and respected. It's easy to comprehend, it's effortlessly chic and in its own relaxed way, it's sexy! Regain the essence of "you" with a perfect fitting jean and you'll understand, especially if you're middle-aged ,why we call DG2 ‘A miracle in a pant leg.’” - Gilman

Baby Boomers- you’ve still got it! Diane Gilman is living proof that if you are Baby Boomer, you’ve only just begun to live. She transformed her life in her fifties by building a fashion empire. Diane is a living reminder that you are never too old to chase your dreams.

At age fifty-nine Diane launched a clothing line for women of maturity - the widely successful DG² jeans. As she was developing the line, she says she kept reminding herself to “just stop the clock. Age agelessly!" Her vision was for mature woman to grab a pair of jeans of any style and feel incredible. Her dreams surely came true. Gilman has sold more than seven million pairs of jeans through the Home Shopping Network (HSN).

“HSN put me on the air at five in the morning, and we sold 5,000 pairs in three minutes,” said Diane. Now she is known as the “Denim Diva” and has become a star of HSN.

What makes the DG2 jeans so special? They provide exceptional comfort and flatter every woman’s shape whether a petite or plus size. They are exceptionally comfortable and feature a unique waistline. The secret to these jeans is that they are made from a stretchy, breathable fabric and the waistline has a soft elasticity that fits every shape.

Jeans are society’s classic clothing. Diane knew that and designed a fashionable way for women to feel just like they did in their twenties, when wearing a pair of jeans in their 50’s and 60’s.

Diane’s story isn’t just about jeans- it’s about becoming exactly who she wanted to be regardless of age. Now she can enjoy how her life has drastically changed (and her customers can enjoy a great pair of jeans)!

This Woman Means Business

What? I know that may raise some eyebrows, but I'm not the only one saying it. The Bible said it first! A good woman is a business woman.
By Dr. Diana

The Absent Father's Presence

The old adage says “Like father, like son.” Have you been trying to outrun that for your entire life? Is it because your father wasn't there for you when you were a little boy? Did he leave the family when you were young? Did he die? Or was he present in the home but never had time for

The Allure of God's Daughter

Men out there are looking for treasures, rubies and gems –a gem of a wife, a treasure who will be part of a loving relationship.




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