In 2002, after going to my primary care physician for chronic stomach pain, he finally recommended I go to a gastroenterologist. So, I made an appointment and tried to get a specialist who had a lot of years experience in the field. I found a GI doctor who had 20 years experience. After seeing him at my initial appointment, he recommended that I do a CT scan. They found a really big tumor on the lower end of my colon. He then recommended that I get a biopsy which I did. After these tests, my doctor delivered the news to me that most people would shudder to hear. I had two of my assistance with me, one on each side of me as we waited for the news. The doctor’s delivery was very odd. He said, “You have cancer and it’s a shame because you’re only 39 years old.”

The moment I heard that, I got to tell you that I didn’t feel any different from the moment before that because immediately I heard someone else say to me, “You don’t have cancer.” That person, who I could not see, was speaking in my right ear. And of course, like most, I chose to believe that second declaration. And I believe the reason why I am here today at 55 years old in good health, is because I believe emphatically the second person that spoke to me. That person was God. He saved me so that I could meet my granddaughter Layla Diana who was born four years later. And since then He has healed me from so many other things.

I am writing this article because that same God has now told me “cure cancer.” Does that mean that I myself will cure other people’s cancer? No. But as His representative and because He lives in me and I am on assignment for Him, God has told me to go out and cure cancer. That is a very bold request. But it is no bigger to me than the one He said in 2002 when He told me, “You don’t have cancer.”

I’m writing this to you because you may have been diagnosed with cancer and you’re taking the chemo but it doesn’t appear to be working. Or maybe you didn’t try a treatment yet but you want the best you can have. And I don’t blame you. You deserve the best. I would go to the One who made you. After all, He’s also the Great Physician. He healed me and He will heal you. You just got to do what I did and I am more than happy to share that prescription with you. Or shall I say prescribed steps on what you can do to be healed by God. He wants to heal you, so why not let Him. You deserve it, I don’t care what you did in life.

You still deserve to be healed. God wants to cure you of cancer. Let Him.

I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you the rest of my story because it makes it flesh for me. My first cousin, Ellen Pearson, who just like me, was born in March 1963 in New York City. Her father and my mother were siblings. We lovingly called her Coke and she was her parents’ only child. She was diagnosed with colon cancer the same time I was and she really went through a lot with it. She ended up dying without realizing her dreams of having children and getting married. She was in her early forties when she died. To this day it brings me to tears to know that I was saved and she was not. I feel like I need to live for her too. Because I have so much that God has blessed me with and given me. I’m sorry that she didn’t receive her healing. But I did. And so that is why I am here today, to give you some hope. And there are others like me. People that I know that God has healed too. If you need healing and you want God to heal you or cure you from cancer, my team and I want to pray for you. We ask that you leave your name, email and your story. And then expect an email from me. And we are going to put you on a special prayer list. And all we ask is that you tell everybody that God healed you and come back and tell your story on this site. We love you and we will be praying for every soul that comes to this site. God bless you.

Pastor Diana Vazquez