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We Are Family

I overheard two women speaking the other day and one said she was an only child. And she said that it never bothered her growing up but now in her thirties, she feels slighted that she doesn’t have siblings to share adult milestones with or additional support as she faces her parent’s aging. I also recently encountered someone with siblings and they are estranged and don’t share adult milestones together. It

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God Cures Cancer

In 2002, after going to my primary care physician for chronic stomach pain, he finally recommended I go to a gastroenterologist. So, I made an appointment and tried to get a specialist who had a lot of years experience in the field. I found a GI doctor who had 20 years experience. After seeing him at my initial appointment, he recommended that I do a CT scan. They found a really big tumor on the lower end of my colon. He then recommended that I get a biopsy which I did. After these tests, my doctor delivered the news to me that most people would shudder to hear. I had two of my assistance with me, one on each side of me as we waited for the news. The doctor’s delivery was very odd. He said, “You have cancer and it’s a shame because you’re only 39 years old.”

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