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God Is The Ultimate Matchmaker

If you are in a marriage, but did not seek God’s counsel or wait to hear from him on whether the two of you were meant to be together, you cannot know if this is a perfect union.

God, on the other hand, will bring people into your lives that have a relationship with him. That means they will be the right person for you. True love is spiritual and comes from God.  It is impeccable love, yet complex.  What is uniquely different is that God is in the equation.

God Is The Ultimate Matchmaker

When you stand before God in marriage, there are three people that enter into the martial covenant –you, your spouse and God. God will join all of you together. He will stay in your marriage.  You can ask for his advice, help and direction because you have sought his counsel from the onset.  A successful marriage is part of his plan for your union.

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