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Marcela LUNA – Fashion Marketing Editor

Marcela LUNA (San Antonio, United States) loves creating and assisting in anything relating to fashion. Her love for it started at a young age with the help of her grandmother and mother both from Chihuahua, Mexico. Her love for fashion developed more when she moved to the U.S. she would spend hours reading fashion magazines, and watching fashion shows.

She is a student at The Art Institute of San Antonio were she studies Fashion Retail and Marketing. She loves to spend her time reading, talking and shopping fashion.

She has lived in San Antonio for almost 20 years and is in love with the beautiful colors this city is made of, the warmness of the people and the food; she can’t live without the variety of foods this city has to offer.

Luna wants her viewers to become part of their outfits, her outfits tell a story, she will make you the protagonist. She seduces her viewers with colors, shapes, drama and a meaning.